We are trying to have municipalities in Western Massachusetts (USA) and elsewhere to endorse the document below to Commemorate August 9th as the World’s Day of Indigenous Peoples.  So I ask that you sign it and/or show it to your municipality (or state even country) and ask them to officially (preferably) endorse it.  Implementation can come later, but, hey, no stopping anyone if they would like to implement it now. Thank you for your attention.

Commemorating August 9th as the World’s Day of Indigenous Peoples


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  • Come on everyone, let’s get a movement going to help advance the human rights of Indigenous People. This declaration might help just a bit.

    • This is a great way to bring the need to include all humanity to our local governments and organizations, and get on board with all the nations of the world who declared August 9th World Indigenous People’s Day

  • R. Pabahtanumwe Cachat

    Now is the time to include Indigenous People in our international discourse on the human condition and in steering our collective future. Human Rights Culture is the cure for what ails our world today.

    Let’s take a day to recognize Indigenous nations, though small in number, who contribute so many great medicines to the world, spiritual paths that millions of ‘moderns’ seek, deep roots in uprooted times, thousands of languages, and a treasury of diverse human ingenuity.

    In Peace,

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