Florida Presentation2018: Teaching About Countries’ Constitutions to Create a Human Rights Culture

Sharing my story: Representing social work at the United Nations (2016)

PowerPoint Presentation  from Keynote Address in Mangalore India at the International Conference on Diversity and Inclusion (February 2018)

A Comparison of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the United States Federal Constitution and the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (2017)

Harvard International Review: A Little Humility, Please

Comparison of State Constitutions with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1998)

Human Rights as the Bedrock of Social Justice: Implications for Advanced Generalist Practice (2012)

Implications of Human Rights for Advanced Generalist Practice (An Overview of Human Rightscont. (2012)

An Overview of Human Rights in Teaching Human Rights: Curriculum for Resources for Social Educators (2013)

Overview of Human Rights: The UN Conventions and Machinery (2012)

Harvard International Review: A LIttle Humility, Please (1998)

Keynote Address at Berkshire Family Services (2011)

Festschrift for Dr, David Gil (2009)

Global Distributive Justice as a Human Right: Implications for the Creation of a Human Rights Culture (2008)

Written Statement by the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) on Eradicating Extreme Poverty before the Human Rights Council, (September 2013)

You may wish also to see and comment upon Joseph Wronka’s Blog. that appeared in Social Science Space.  Or, of course, you can now go to the newer blog recently begun on this “new and improved” website.

Letter to the Editor in the New York Times, January 4, 2012, Sunday Dialogue:  Do We Live in a Less Deadly Time or not?

Festschrift: Essays in Honor of Dr. David Gil at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Heller School at Brandeis University, (October 2009)

A previous work is Human Rights and Social Policy in the 21st Century: A History of the Idea of Human Rights and Comparison of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights with United States Federal and State Constitutions (University Press of America, 1998).  

My newest book is Human rights and social justice: Social action and service for the helping and health professions (Sage, 2017)

Presentation on Peace, Security and Human Rights at the UN in Geneva, event sponsored by the International Human Rights Association of American Minorities and the Center for Human Rights, Brussels, Belgium, March 2011.

“Science” and Indigenous Cultures,” Humanistic Psychologist, (March 1993.)

Powerpoint Presentation with notes to keynote address in Mangalore, India at International Conference on Diversity and Inclusion (February 2018)




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