United Nations Links

Regional Human Rights Organizations

United States Human Rights Network

African Union

Organization of American States

European Training and Research Center for Human Rights

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Human Rights Watch: 

Israel/Palestine, and Other Countries

Commission on Human Rights: New York City

University Affiliated

Social Work Links

Non-Governmental (NGO)Links:

Children's Rights

Disability (Differing) Ability Rights

Indigenous People's Rights

Civil, Political, Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

Center for Civil and Political Rights

Integrating Business and Human Rights

Economic and Social Rights

On Homeless Children and Families

Death Penalty Information Center

Solidarity Rights
International Human Solidarity Day

Concerning Humanitarian Disaster Relief
Organization Dedicated to International Distributive Justice
Global Issues and Poverty
The Right to a Clean Environment (and other human rights policy advocacy)

Alternative Media and Other Sources that Deal Substantively with Human Rights/Social Justice concerns
Democracy Now
AlterNet Media

Using Videos to Open the Eyes of the World to Human Rights Violations
Human Rights Television
The Yes Lab: On Creative Media for Social Justice Activists
Link to videos, public service announcements, and show "Creating a Human Rights Culture" by Joseph Wronka

Miscellaneous Links

Person Specific         

Gene Sharp's 198 Methods of Direct Non-Violent Action

Wisdom from Martin Luther King who said: "The era of civil rights is over; the human rights era has begun."

Noam Chomsky Website, who has written extensively on human rights/social justice concerns




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