Creating a Human Rights Culture

Website for Dr. Joseph Wronka

Professor of Social Work, Springfield College, Massachusetts USA
Representative to the United Nations in Geneva for the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW)
Fulbright Scholar in Social Justice, Poverty, and Human Rights

In democracy dissent is an act of faith. Like medicine, the test of its value is not its taste, but its effect...  - Former U.S. Senator William J. Fulbright

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Home Page - Purposes of Website Creating a Human Rights Culture

The purposes of this website are to:

discuss the DEFINITION and RELEVANCE of a human rights culture;

provide summaries of select major HUMAN RIGHTS DOCUMENTS;

(3) provide LINKS to additional resources for the human rights/social activist;

(4) give examples of
 SOCIAL ACTION STRATEGIES to implement human rights principles;

(5) provide opportunity for COMMENTS AND DISCUSSION for anyone interested in engaging in a creative dialogue with others to move towards the creation of a human rights culture;

(6) provide examples of students’ and others’ RESEARCH/ACTION PROJECTS;

(7) provide information concerning the AUTHOR’S WORKS, including primarily books, articles, and presentations; 

(8) provide other MISCELLANEOUS links to videos, interviews with human rights/social justice advocates, music, photos, and anything that might be useful, if not, just plain fun; and

 (9) provide the opportunity to contact the author through a CONTACT ME page.  

In brief, this website is to serve as a portal to knowledge and activities that ought to move people to direct non-
violent social actions to create a socially just world, constructed from the pillars of human rights. Whereas its audience might be primarily persons in the helping and health professions, particularly social work and public health, more specifically those interested in a more or less generalist  orientation in their practices, this website ought to prove useful for the “educated layperson,” from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds, and nationalities, though we are all world citizens.